CHMMunity Grants

AHMP’s vision is to maximize our community voice, knowledge exchange, and management support of hazardous materials professionals, making our world safer and healthier. The objective of the CHMMunity Grant Program is to embody the AHMP vision locally by supporting our members and community projects, purchases, or activities that are aligned with this vision. The Program provides financial grants to local organizations whose activities are related to hazardous materials or hazardous materials professionals.

The number of Grants awarded and the amount of those Grants may vary from year to year, depending on the merit of the funding request and available funds. However, most grants awarded will be in the range of $100 to $2000.

How to be Considered for a CHMMunity Grant
All organizations wishing to be considered for a CHMMunity Grant must first obtain a sponsor who is a current member in good standing of the AHMP Chicago Chapter. Next, the Grant Request Form must be completed fully and submitted to the CHMMunity Review Committee by the Member Sponsor for consideration. Questions and Grant Request Forms can be submitted to the email address

The Grant Review Process
Requests will be reviewed as received. If needed, the Committee will request additional information from the Member Sponsor or the Requester Contact.

Once the Committee has met and is ready to make a recommendation, the Committee will report their recommendation to the Board of Directors at the monthly board meeting. Based on this schedule, the decision on a grant request will typically be made 60-90 days from the time a completed grant request form is received.

The Board of Directors will review and approve or reject each request based on the recommendation of the CHMMunity Review Committee. The Board of Directors will notify the applicant of their decision to fund or not to fund a request.

Our most recent Grant Recipient December 2021
SCARCE – School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education

We are pleased to support the mission of SCARCE to create sustainable communities through education, recycling, and community programs. Our grant will be used to support their community exit sign take-back program.

Grant Recipient May 2020 – The Wong Foundation

The Wong Foundation and FTC robotics team Rolling Thunder used the CHHMunity Grant to 3D print, assemble, and distribute 960 face shields and over 250 other safety items for use in the fight against COVID-19. Their products were donated to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, and dentists across the Chicago area. You can see more information about their efforts at:

Sandwich Fire Department Grant Recipient October 2019

Our grant provided pressure regulator values to improve safety and efficiency when using high pressure water to put out fires.

CHMMunity Grant presented to Sandwich Fire Department Lieutenant Zach Morel and Firefighter Tom Distelhurst

CHMMunity Grant Recipient March 2019
Bridgeview Emergency Management Association

CHMMunity Grant Recipient  September 2018
Village of Hanover Park Fire Department